Quoth the Webpage, “Evermore”

Flicker, flicker goes the screen
No longer are there sights unseen
War and cheerful commercial breaks
Mental dislocation makes
Tears out my amplitude to feel
Like dried paint it starts to peel
Don’t let’s ask if it’s obscene
Flicker, flicker goes the screen
Sparking, sparking goes my brain
The ancients would have thought insane
Browsing feeds, webpage and texts
Death of contemplation no longer vexts
My mind and soul is occupied
With glutted sensation ossified
Spitting, spitting is my brain
Flicker, flicker goes the screen
Forming, forming are the neurons
Habits wiring into peons
Enslaved to shallow types of thought
Virtual time is dearly bought
Impatient with my books of lore
To concentrate is such a chore
Firing, firing are the neurons
Flicker, flicker goes the screen
Twitter, twitter goes the update
There is no stopping now the floodgate
That storms the sacred stillness where
Divine depth had once a chance or prayer
Frenzied eyes flit back and forth
But internet has no true north
Tweeting, Tweeting goes the twitter
Flicker, flicker goes the screen
Smiling, smiling is the anchor
Like a time collecting banker
Stories of woe and stories of weather
Loud voices blaring into the nether
Television segments spinning fast
Scorching sensibility in one long blast
Sneering, sneering is the anchor
Flicker, flicker goes the screen
Buzzing, buzzing are the wires
Circuits working as cerebral fryers
We use them looking how to mime
The changing fashion of the time
We’re multitasking techno-fated
Since cohesive thought is antiquated
Blurring, blurring are the wires
Flicker, flicker goes the screen
Flicker, flicker goes the screen
It’s whirring so it makes me green
Changing channels, clicking mouses
Into electronic headache douses
My ever weakening spirit and will
Damn it
I’m finished being molded by this swill
For peace, for quiet, for books I’m keen
But … flicker, flicker goes the screen